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Sclerotherapy – Spider Vein Treatment

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Sclerotherapy is a procedure that is used to permanently and safely remove spider and varicose veins from the legs. Spider veins are the tiny red and purple squiggly lines that appear on the legs on both men and women. Most individuals who have spider veins find them to be an unsightly nuisance. Some individuals will have larger veins, known as varicose veins. These are larger, bulkier veins that are blue and purple in color, and can cause discomfort. Both types of veins are hereditary, and can worsen with age. By removing them, sclerotherapy helps to restore the beauty of the skin and allows for greater confidence to wear shorts and expose the legs.

Surgical Technique

Sclerotherapy treats veins by injecting a sclerosing solution directly into the vein. The solution causes permanent damage to the vein, causing it to collapse and absorb into the body. Sclerotherapy is a procedure that will be tweaked for every individual based on the number, size, and location of the veins that are being treated. In most cases, there is usually one injection for every inch of spider vein. As each injection takes place, the surgeon will place light pressure on the injection site with a cotton ball and ointment.

During/After Surgery

Sclerotherapy is performed in an accredited surgical facility. During the procedure, patients will be given a local anesthetic in areas to diminish discomfort, although the patient should only feel a few small pricks. Recovery following vein treatment through sclerotherapy does not require any downtime or absence from the workplace. Most individuals can resume normal activities within 24 hours, and will wear a compression stocking for a few days while the legs heal. Patients will begin to see their veins fading within 2 to 3 weeks, with maximum results being revealed around 6 weeks after the treatment.

How Well Does it Work?

Sclerotherapy can improve the appearance of the legs by 70%, but it will not target every single vein. Additional treatments may be necessary for optimal results. Although many patients are very satisfied with the results from sclerotherapy, check with our team to clarify anticipated results and to see if the treatment is the right fit for you.

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Average Cost  
$250 - $1,000
Recovery Time  
24 Hours
Average Procedure Time  
30 Minutes
Post-op Follow-up  
6 Weeks
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Expected Cost

Sclerotherapy treatment will vary depending on the number and size of veins that are being treated. Most surgeons charge approximately $250-$500 for a session of sclerotherapy. For most patients, 1-2 treatments are normal, while patients with more severe veins should expect 3-4 treatments.

Time Between Treatments?

It is best to plan your treatments a couple of months apart. This gives the skin ample time to heal, as well as time or the treated veins to completely disintegrate.

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