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In severe cases of rosacea (a chronic inflammatory skin condition), a patient may develop a skin disorder known as rhinophyma. Rhinophyma takes years to develop, but it causes a large mass on the end of the nose with red bumps that may disfigure the nose. Sometimes known as alcoholic or drinker's nose, there is actually no proven connection between drinking alcohol and people who develop rhinophyma. Rhinophyma (bulbous nose or phymatous rosacea) occurs more often in men than women and most patients are between 24 – 50 years old. People at higher risk for developing rosacea and rhinophyma have a fair skin tone, light-colored hair, blue or green eyes, and a family history of rosacea. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Earl Stephenson serving Atlanta area patients at Signature Plastic Surgery in Snellville, Georgia performs effective electrosurgery to remove the affected tissue and improve the patient's appearance.

Best Candidates

Symptoms of rhinophyma begin as early signs of rosacea, but if left untreated the nose may develop:

  • A red tone
  • A swollen or bulbous shape
  • A waxy, rough, or yellow appearance
  • Larger sweat pores
  • More oil glands
  • Thicker in the outer layers of the skin

Electrosurgery is best for patients with rhinophyma that want to improve their appearance by reshaping their nose and removing excess tissue. Electrosurgery provides long-term results and helps patients who have not seen any improvement with medication.

What to Expect

Electrosurgery to treat rhinophyma is usually performed as an outpatient surgery in our minor procedures room. To help relax patients and minimize discomfort, a local anesthesia, like lidocaine, is used in the treatment area. Electrosurgery uses a heated electrical scalpel that is passed over affected areas of the nose to heat and destroy excess and unwanted tissue. The length of the procedure will vary depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.

Electrosurgery Recovery

Patients are able to leave as soon as they feel able after their electrosurgery to recover at home. Electrosurgery is considered very safe and has very few side effects and risks. Patients may want to take a few days to recover before they resume their normal activities. Some improvement will be seen immediately, but full results will develop as the inflammation and swelling subsides.

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No More Red Nose

If you have rosacea that has developed into rhinophyma and caused your nose to become disfigured and red, schedule a consultation to learn about electrosurgery with Dr. Stephenson in Atlanta. Electrosurgery is a safe, efficient method to remove the excess tissue and clear the redness caused by rhinophyma for long-lasting results.

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