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Signature Plastic Surgery’s Medspa offers dermabrasion for Atlanta patients desiring nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. This treatment uses a surgical tool to semi-aggressively scrape the top layers of skin to initiate new skin growth. The tip of the surgical tool wears the skin, sometimes reaching the dermis. The result is new skin that is brighter, softer and free from skin irregularities such as age spots, blemishes, fine lines and scarring. Dermabrasion is still considered a popular treatment, however, during the initial consultation with Dr. Stephenson, he will discuss if it is the best approach or if a chemical peel or injectable filler should be considered.

Best Candidates

Dermabrasion is suitable for both men and women. Any individual with skin irregularities may consider this treatment. It’s effective for those who have acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, abnormal skin growths, and fine lines. Those using prescription acne medication or who have severe acne should not undergo dermabrasion.

What to Expect

Dermabrasion penetrates the skin as deep as the dermal layer depending on the skin irregularity being treated. The skin is first prepared with a cooling agent so that it becomes firm, which allows the burring process to become easier. The skin is then slightly stretched and the rough end of the dermabrasion tool is brushed back and forth until the appropriate amount of scraping has occurred. A healing ointment is applied after the procedure followed by bandages for protection.

Dermabrasion Recovery

Dermabrasion recovery varies by patient. For a lighter treatment, patients can resume normal activities pretty quick within 1-2 days and may be able to hide the redness and peeling with some light makeup. If a more invasive approach was taken and a deeper treatment performed, patients can expect about 10-14 days for the redness, swelling and peeling to subside. The new skin will look pink and gradually fade to a more natural skin color. Sun exposure must be avoided to ensure proper skin healing.

Expected Cost

The cost for dermabrasion fluctuates depending on the size of the area being treated, as well as the number of sessions it takes to attain the desired results. Our plastic surgery office charges approximately $100 for small areas and the cost can increase to about $3,000 for larger areas.

Strip Away Dead Skin!

If you are ready to attain a fresh appearance that looks healthy and free of skin irregularities, we invite you to call our plastic surgery office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephenson. He will evaluate your skin tone and determine what type of dermabrasion treatment will work best for you.

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Average Cost  
$100 - $3,000
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1-2 Days
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